Undergraduate in Biophysics*

The interdisciplinary field of Biophysics applies techniques and ideas traditionally used in Physics to describe and understand biological systems. 
The University of Haifa is host to a large number of researchers which use a variety of techniques from : Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, and Physics , to unravel the basis of biological phenomena.
Quantitative analysis, and ideas and techniques borrowed from the physical sciences play an important role in the study of biological systems, and this tendency is only expected to increase. With this in mind, we have developed the undergraduate program in Biophysics in the Department of Physics. The program offers a broad  education in Biology coupled with an in-depth education in Mathematics and in Physics. The third year is entirely devoted to courses in theoretical and experimental Biophysics. More information in Hebrew can be found here.
*This program has been approved for publication by the Council for Higher Education, and will begin operations in the 2022/2023 academic year.  Granting the degree is subject for approval by the Council for Higher Education.