Gilad Lifschytz

Professor of Physics

Department of Physics and Center for Theoretical Physics & Astrophysics

University of Haifa, Israel.

Tel: +972-4-6146251 (internal: 57251)


Also a member of the

Haifa-Technion string group


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D., 1995),

Tel-Aviv University (B.Sc 1989)


My main current research focus is trying to understanding how does a space-time description emerge from a more fundamental description such as AdS/CFT, and what can one understand from this  about the black hole problem.

I am also interested in the possible connection between holography and quantum information.

I also maintain an interest in holographic approaches to condensed matter and QCD.

Publications: inspire

My work is partially funded by a grant from the Israel science foundation-ISF, tiltled “Decoding the Hologram: How bulk physics emerges from a holographic theory” 2017-2021.